Sensethinking is a practical and highly effective approach to
centering intuition in teaching and learning
for inquiry, research, problem-solving, and creativity. 


Here's an introduction to Sensethinking and how it relates to the skill of reading comprehension. 

Remove the limits on your thinking:
think with all of your senses.

Imagine if you were given a beautiful instrument, but were only taught to play one note. 

The way you have been taught to think...
has been like learning just one note on a beautiful instrument.

Ordinary mental thought is limited thinking. You are capable of so much more

You know that your perception is not limited to mental thought. You are intuitive, empathic, and emotional. 

Your intuitive and inner senses don't operate the way mental thinking does. For one thing, they are not just "words in your head" the way mental thoughts can be.  

Yet you were not taught how to listen and interpret the information from your intuition and senses. Instead, this information was simply left out of your education. 

With Sensethinking, you can learn exactly how to apply the great intelligence of your inner senses to address the questions and problems that matter to you. 

And what's so incredible about Sensethinking is that the results FAR EXCEED what's possible with mental thinking alone. 

Are you ready to discover exactly what's possible when you learn to think with all of your senses? 

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Who is Sensethinking for?

Parents and Educators who want to empower their learners to become joyful, visionary leaders by teaching them how to be heart-centered thinkers. 

Leaders, Changemakers, and Creatives who have a vision that calls them and want the ability to identify hidden dynamics that create breakthrough solutions. 

Writers, Researchers, Self-Directed Students, and Life-Long Learners who are driven by questions that inspire their curiosity and creativity and want the most effective practice for discovery and insight. 

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